A Liberal Education "A Dance With The Devil"

I had just recently enrolled in courses at my local FOUR year university after receiving my associates degree from my local TWO year university.  Sociology was major at this new four year school.  While still enrolled at the two year school I found sociology 101 very entertaining while working on my associates degree.

Once I arrived at the four year college, my whole thought process; (not just about the major); concerning college education in general began to change. To be very frank, it terrified me. I was only in this school for FOUR weeks by the way.  My beginning question is simply "WHY ARE POLITICS IN OUR COLLEGES/SCHOOLS TEXTBOOKS AND LECTURES?" One must stop and ask his or her self:  If we are a democracy why are there really politics in the textbook, and all one sided ones at that?  Are we being conditioned to think a certain way? Shouldn't we be given the facts so we can make up our OWN minds about regarding issues?  Assuming, that every liberal college teaches these ideals, what will happen to our great country when everyone thinks the same way?  I got news for you we wont be a democracy any more.  (The very word might actually disappear off the face of earth.)

Is it just a coincidence that these politics are in our schools?  Is it part of a larger agenda?   Is it just a certain groups agenda?  Should we refer to these messages as propaganda?  These thoughts terrify me.  We must realize we shouldn't be walking around as if our freedoms/rights are god given, we must realize the obvious:  Nations have fallen before, why are we the exemption?  We need to take care of our beloved democracy.  Conducting ourselves in this manner could prove costly, and once we realize it, it might be too late.  So now back to the school:

The first day I attended my first class this class was called "Sociological Problems", and the teacher gave me a syllabus.  This class consisted of one main textbook, and 2 other novels

Upon returning  home I began looking over it.  There was actually a whole week devoted to global warming.  I found this a little humorous, since my science professor (at my previous two year school, the very semester before I transfered to my four year school.) had taken only a mere 10 minutes out of a class session to explain every detail/reason as to why global warming is a hoax/fraud.  His final statement regarding the issue at the end of the class session was "Uhh....If you want to get to the bottom of anything...just follow the money". As far as this debacle goes, there is an outer issue that concerns me deeply.

Why do people just accept what they hear?  A quote I once heard comes to my mind when I ask this question.  This prominent person quoted "The idea that politicians are always truthful, is the default from which all else operates".  In my opinion, people need to research things on their own, and quit taking what they hear as absolute truth.  To me the people who do this are like robots, simply repeating their programmers intended message.

I ended up reading a few other things in my social problems textbooks that perturbed me.  The first noteable one was during the chapter on health care. (it basically tried to "sell" us on healthcare reform).  At the end of the chapter it quoted "Its is not the individuals fault they are unhealthy, rather its society's fault for not providing them with the correct services to be healthy".  Well, all i can ask is who is gonna pay for it, and how much more is it gonna cost my family in taxes this year?  This I remember, was the first thing that popped into my head.  Second was the fact that out of all the developed nations, America has the highest illegal immigration problem.  (some quick research on the web confirms this), and of course we all know that illegal aliens get services for free that we Americans have to pay for right? And so on and so forth.....etc.....

The overall message of this reading section was to make me (as a liberal in the process of indoctrination) feel like a victim towards America as it currently stands....among other things....

I also read from two other novels in my four weeks in this class. I'll call them Novel 1 and Novel 2. (just because I think I might enrage someone or business enough to sue me)

Novel 1 details a wealthy author, who puts her wealth aside, and tries to live only on wages from working multiple minimum wage jobs at different cities around the U.S.  She works cleaners jobs, and waitressing jobs, etc. The author lays out all her grievances towards corporate America. 

She can only afford hotels, and fast food.  She claims she always takes the blame for failures in different situations while working these minimum wage jobs, when it is not her fault.  She describes the wear and tear of her fast pace jobs on her aging body, and having to resort to medication to relieve her aching joints. She even quotes that her customers became her enemies at various times due to her joint pain and falling behind on the job.  And at the end of the day she still can barely afford to live resorting, and eating fast food.  Her overall sense of bottom line jobs in America is they dehumanize you, make you their slave, and take over your whole life.

Of course her experiences were difficult, as a matter of fact, the reasons mentioned in the book are the very same reasons why I am in the process of enrolling in another college, this time its a christian university!  Common Sense tells you that life is not easy.

  Upon completing this novel, I began yet again questioning things.  I asked myself why was this book written, and how could the author of this book hate the country that had made her so wealthy?  I came to the conclusion this book was written possibly for the purpose of aiding  corporate America (maybe bosses would read this and help better their own businesses), and the libs simply took it and made it part of their own agenda.  I do realize though: the reason this book fit the agenda was because it wanted me to feel like I was a victim of our current system of capitalism.

I asked myself a few questions after realizing these liberal ideals:  So with the message being against capitalism, my question is what do they want? Socialism/Naziism/Communism? What? A world with out problems, suffering, and pain?  This will not happen, sorry to disappoint you. Why not?  Simply because my common sense tells me it wont.  Lets put it this way, if one of the above forms of governments were substituted for our current democracy, EVERYONE'S experience would be that as I described above....Would it Not?

Furthermore, Isn't inequality/the pursuit of happiness what makes America "the land of opportunity"?  The fact that there is hope, in becoming someone useful to society is what keeps me going.  (I dont just sit around waiting for government handouts). And it is also why i am in college.  I even went as far as thinking.  if you don't like capitalism and the pursuit of happiness why are you in college to begin with?

Thank god (literally) I did not finish reading Novel 2.  Upon reading two chapters for one of my weekly quizzes, the dangers of liberalism struck me like a lightning bolt.  Keep in mind that while i am reading this book I still am suppose to be like I remarked earlier "a liberal in the process of indoctrination".  I actually read words attacking my faith as a christian.  It was not direct, but the messages were what i would call "directly subliminal".  The chapter basically told me that my enemy was the republican party.  It basically drew a line between the christian republican right, and the liberal left.  In a sense it called for liberals to unite like a religion against the christian right. Another message from these two chapters was the fact that we need to keep christ out of politics at all costs.

While reading these messages again I asked myself a few questions....The first question actually was:  Did I just read what I thought I read?  This not an education.  Also a few other questions came to mind...Who do you think you are to attack my faith in Christianity?  How dare you.  Just because you dont believe, means I cannot believe either? Why do we need to keep christ out of politics? Does "one nation under god" ring any bells?  I also pondered the question.......Are there "American Anti-Americans" among true the Americans in our great nation? Scary thought......If the answer to the previous question is yes....What can we the true Americans do to save our country?

Now, on to my second class.  This class was called Sociology of Gender.  This class freightened me as well.  It consisted of three books to read  This class also attacked my christian values.  I knew I may not last long in this class when the teacher wrote the seven sociological assumptions on the board.  The Seventh one quoted "Religion is man made".

The second aspect of this class I had to watch a disturbing video involving a homosexual man.  Now before I go any further....let me reiterate...this is America, you can be homosexual if you please...I have nothing against homosexuals they are people too.  Im not going to start a movement of any kind against them...etc.    (By The Way, i think its sad I would even feel the need to type the previous sentence in order to defend my point of view)  The aspect I do find fault with is the fact that I had to watch a video of a homosexual gentlemen in class.

This gentlemen was a homosexual and was also an actor, and remarked he had been to an acting academy.  Throughout the movie this man was putting on makeup, blush, eyeliner, etc....The first scene he was putting on lipstick, after a few obscene comments, the film cut to him singing a previously filmed song.  During these cuts he was singing on stage to an audience while dressed in drag as different female celebrity singers.  I believe I recall him dressed as Lucile Ball in one song.  So i got to watch this gentlemen crossdressed as certain female historical singers, and also watched him put on make-up, blush, eyeliner in between songs, and turn him successfully turn into a "female" over time.  This movie took almost the entire class period.

Upon the conclusion of this movie the teacher flicked the lights on in the classroom, and simply asked us if we figured out the point of the movie.  About five or ten tense seconds passed, and finally a girl behind me raised her hand and said "Gender is just and act/performace we put on for others".  During the long walk back to my car, I questioned myself about what I had just witnessed.

I simply fell back upon my faith in Christ, and my religious teachings to realize I did not agree with the film.  My faith tells me that marriage should be between a man and woman.  I still further questioned the purpose of showing the film.  I thought.....Why would they show such a film?  Was simply to prove "Gender is an act/performance"?  Was its intention to further harm the image of the nuclear family in the American Psyche? Is it part of a bigger agenda? Am I loosing my mind? or Is it that everyone else around me in the college is loosing theirs?  If its intention was not to directly degrade the image of the nuclear family, promoting homosexuality in schools, and putting it in the minds of our country's youth does degrade the image the nuclear family.  Although we will never know the answer to this question....all we can do is make an educated guess.

There were a few other things in this class that disturbed me.  Im not trying to get too nit picky, but the way the professor would talk about certain topics in class.  I do remember the teacher lecturing to our class, about how males were in charge of everything.  One of her specific examples was that women's clothing was made for men.  By this her point was it that it was made for men to stare at.  When she would prove small points such as this she would constantly send the subliminal messages to us through her body gestures, and tone of voice.  These subliminal messages were clear....the message being: "This is not right, we need to change it".

With all of the so called change I was told about during my four weeks in this school, I often considered this question "What direction will this so-called change take us''?  "Will this change be for the better?"  or again "Am I being conditioned to think a certain way" All I was being fed was this grand vision of "Change" With all the change I heard proposed there was never any clear step by step itemized directions as to how this "Change" would be accomplished. To make a quick analogy it would be like standing in the middle of the desert, casting your fishing pole, sitting down on your behind, and waiting a long time for a bite.  If you did catch something; lets just realize:   it might not be the grand vision of peace and harmony throughout the world that you first sought.

The last excerpt from the main text of this class, almost concerned me as much as the previous attack on my christian values.  The main textbook was divided into articles.  The first article I red in the main text book was one called   the five sexes.  The article stated that there were a total of five sexes in existence.  It claimed there were males, females, and 3 types of hermaphrodites.  I thought to myself okay, that is something that is interesting, I have never seen society as anything but male and female.  I enjoy learning new information, and i enjoy seeing things in ways that I have never seen them in the past. 

So I then kept reading, and the basic message of the next six pages told me that I needed to have sympathy for these people because they were often wronged by society for being who they are.  And that some of them often have a hard time fitting in with the rest of our society, and that we needed to be more sensitive towards them. 

Then finally my eyes arrived on the last page.  The last page droped the bombshell.  The author began supporting the ideas of another gentlemen. (I'll call him Gentlemen X).  Gentlemen X's idea was simply that because these other 3 sexes are constantly wronged by our society we needed to be more sensitive towards them and take the sexes off of our driver's license, and other official documents.  Gentlemen X's along with the author's support proposed that we use other means of identification; for example finger prints.

I slowly closed the book and asked myself. What? Whoa? Huh?   Isn't that one of the main ways we identify to each other in many different situations?  Would that in-turn be a dehumanizing action?  What would happen years down the road in this country...would we eventually forget about the words boy, girl, man, woman, he, or she?  Imagine trying to identify some one in writing, or even through a call to 911.  In this scenario, your first words to the 911 operator might be "It just robbed me"!  So if we go that far, I guess we go farther saying that we can not have names anymore, after all Paul would be associated with boys/men, and Samantha would be associated with girls/women.  So how would we identify ourselves? Would we grab the person's hand and remember them by their fingerprints?  Or would we simply have numbers like convicts in a prison?  Who knows? For the sake of this argument why would you not be arguing to list the other three sexes on the drivers license/official documents?  Its my opinion that doing this would result with the other sexes eventually becoming "the norm", and then maybe they actually would be accepted by a wider range of people in our society.  I dont know if its me or just my common sense kicking in again.  Why are school kids being fed nonsense like this?  Is it part of a bigger agenda?

 To summarize this lunacy I have told you these facts regarding my liberal college experience:  Through my statements regarding global warming I have showed you distortion of facts despite obvious findings to the contrary.  Through my quote "It is not the individuals fault they are unhealthy, rather societies fault for not providing them with the necessary services to be healthy" I've shown you a/the core belief on liberal healthcare views. Through my review of the first classes first novel, I have shown how hatred for capitalism is being taught in our schools. I have shown you how liberals have used subliminal messages in text books to make themselves appear to be their own religion, while making the christian right seem less human while criticising the bible at the same time.  Simply put a hatred of christianity.  I have told you that liberals view gender as just an act, and whether they realize it or not, they are possibly harming the image of the nuclear family in the process.  Finally i have given you a little insight inside what the liberal views as change, and the example of taking our names off our drivers licence's and official documents due to hermaphrodites, and my opinion of the dangers/ridiculousness of this idea.

My ending questions to myself still remain roughly the same, but I have added a few more.

Why do they call themselves progressives.....what are we progressing towards?

Was it wrong to sit down and have family dinners?

Was it wrong to have a sense of self, and figure out where you fit into the world?

Was it wrong to have a sense of self respect?

Was it wrong to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obeident, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent? 

AGAIN:  Why do they call themselves progressives....What are we progressing toward?

Why is there politics in college/school textbooks and lectures?

Are they working for a larger agenda?  An eventual take over?

Am I crazy Or Is it just Common Sense?

My belief is that liberals see things through tunnel vision.  They seem unable to "see the picture as a whole" so to speak.  This tunnel vision is dangerous. To make it worse, This tunnel vision is the perfect set up for school.  After all isn't that what you would normally do in school...look at one issue, then another issue, then another issue? They just seem to not to be able to connect these realities into a whole.  Liberals just seem to leave this step out of the process.

My faith is my rock, if you take away one's faith, you leave no moral foundations to base everyday decisions. All I can do is pray that this school I was enrolled in was a just a random stroke of bad luck for me in my lifetime. If all schools/colleges were to follow this colleges lead we may be in trouble.  Unfortunatly though I do believe this liberalized school is just one of many.

To fully sum up my experience with this division 1 institution of higher learning I would have to quote "It Truly Was “A Dance With The Devil".




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